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Welcome to the new home of Vengence Race Cars. We want to be your premier chassis builder. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and let us know how we can get your team in the winners lane!


DAVID had issues and needs he wanted to address about the car, after setting down with David we replace the firewall. built a new set of wheelie bars ,installed belly pan, driveshaft tube, and mounts for a automatic transmission. VENGENCE would like to wish good luck to David this year.

GEORGE COLEMAN MOTORSPORTS checks into Vengence to update their 1990 Monte Carlo.
George gave us call needing help with their top sportsman ride. George and the guys were having trouble with the car shacking the tires. After having some improvments made we had George and the guys in-out and back to the track. Just as always Vengence value our customers so we leave no stone unturned , we traveled to the track with the guys to give them a hand. When the smoke cleared in roxsboro, NC we left with a lot of info on the car which we needed. We look to be back at the track to test in the next couple of weeks. With CAMS RACING ENGINES providing the power we look for coleman motorsports to make a big impact in the NSCA and the Heads-Up doorslamer class.

CFM Atlanta 2nd win in a row2nd Win in a row for CFM
Vengence Race Cars and Kenny Farrell Rock the NSCA in Atlanta, GA. When the smoke cleared Saturday Kenny was setting in the #1 qualifier position at a 6.84 @ 201 MPH. When Sunday rolled around we were faced with a big problem. We hurt the motor in qualifying. So being without spare parts we raced with the motor hurt. In the finals Kenny faced off with Ronnie (THE KING) Davis, where Kenny laid the hammer down to the rest of the competitors in Top Street with a second win in two races in the NSCA Top Street.

Richard Penland gets ready for Rockingham!Richard Penland gets ready for Rockingham!
Richard Penland Motorsports (RPM) stops into VENGENCE RACE CARS to have some work done on his 2004 Pro Stock Mustang. Vengence was happy to get the RPM crew in and out for ROCKINGHAM DRAGWAY for a pro stock race this weekend. With Carl Baker coming on board with RPM this season looks to a great one some early numbers out of FLA. were 6.40's. VRC would like to wish RPM good luck this season.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Updates RideCarbon Fiber Manufacturing sets 2 records @ No Problem Raceway!
With the new season underway in the ranks of the NSCA Top Street at Bella Rose, La this weekend turned out to be a record breaking weekend for the 1968 CFM Top Street Camaro. The new et. and mph. record belongs to Kenny and the guys at Vengence Race Cars posting 6.91 et at 200.12 mph in top street and topping the weekend off with a win in the finals over Jewel.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Updates RideCarbon Fiber Manufacturing Updates Ride!
Kenny was in to pick up his updated 68 Chevy Camaro. Our team installed a new floater rear end, and a new set of wheelie bars that will keep it grounded now. He got a whole new computer system to take advantage of the latest technology available to the team. Plus we dropped in a new bullet from PAR Racing Engines. This car will be one to watch this year!

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